Volleyball Tournaments 101

Welcome to Club Volleyball! As our first real tournament is fast upon us it seems an appropriate time to share some basic tournament information and tips.


Tournament information- Information will be hyper-linked on each team’s page under the specific tournament as it is received.

The tournaments in which we play are usually 1-day or 2-day.

1-day tournaments start early and run late, beginning with pool play and following with bracket play later in the day. These can run really long.

2-day or multi-day tournaments begin with pool play followed with bracket play on the following day(s). These days are usually shorter than one day. Generally, the higher the placement in pool play, the earlier the team will play in bracket play.

Pool play- Generally, 3 or 4 teams will be placed in a pool. Each team will play each of the other teams for two sets. Sometimes there is a tiebreaker if it is split but not always. Some work on win/loss, while others take total points into account, so every point is important! Placement in brackets is determined by results of pool play. Poor pool play puts a team at a lower position in the brackets.

Bracket play- Tournaments will have different levels of brackets- Gold, Silver, etc. When looking for a team’s place in the brackets use the pool name (A, B, C, etc.) and the placing in the pool (1-4) to find the spot in the brackets. Teams will also need to look to see if they are listed to ref prior to playing and/or after their match. All players are expected to be available if the team is listed to ref.

Entrance fees- these are sometimes 1 day or multi day bracelets. Cost will be varied, and price is usually available ahead of time.  Sometimes they are required to be purchased early.

Seating- some facilities will allow personal chairs to be brought in. Larger tournaments will provide all seating needed but having a chair in the car isn’t a bad idea!

Snacks- concessions are not always to be counted on to be available. Having snacks for the day is a good idea but please be aware many facilities ban or limit the snacks that can be brought in. If parking is close by, having a cooler in the car is an option if you will be there all day. Drinks to help your player stay hydrated are also a good idea.

Schedule– Always be aware of when your player is to play next. The beginning of pool play and bracket play are usually hard and fast. Subsequent play is rolling (will start right after the previous play is completed.) This means that you will need to know what time your coach wants you to be where. THIS IS THE PLAYER’S RESPONSIBILITY!

GAME DAY BAG-Having a dedicated bag for tournaments is helpful.

Here is a list of some items to include in your bag-

Jersey- Always include both.

Uniform shorts (SOLID BLACK)- an extra pair if you have them

Socks- two pair

Knee pads





Hair necessities- headbands, hairbands, brush, etc. 


Water bottle

Volleyball -with your name and phone number on it (if your coach requires one)

Cards, small game, etc. for in-between-time entertainment.

Personal items- as needed

Item player may want- pillow and/or blanket, particularly if it is a 1-day tournament

Items parents may want- small first aid kit


  1. If your team is NOT playing, please move back so that spectators for the teams playing can sit closely to watch.
  2. When your team IS playing it is acceptable to ask if you may have the seat of someone whose team is NOT playing.
  3. It is against USAV rules for spectators to speak to the line judges, refs, and the table. Your team can be penalized if the rules are broken, and the spectator may be required to leave the facility.
  4. As players and spectators always remember that we are representatives for the Premier GVC family. The actions of one reflect on the group. Being positive goes a long way, for the players and the club.

Looking forward to a great season!

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