Online USAV Training

ATTENTION! Holiday homework!

All players are required to review and/or complete the preassigned training with USAV before January 1st. Each athlete will be required to work during tournaments during the team’s scheduled work times. These are the teaching modules.

Here is the way to find it-

  1. Go to your Sports Engine account.
  2. Sign in to your family account.
  3. Click on “household”.
  4. Select your child’s profile.
  5. Click on “details”.
  6. In the upper right corner select “USAV Academy” tab.
  7. Select “Continue to Dashboard”.
  8. Complete BOTH per-assigned scorer and referee training. Each module must be viewed in completion.
  9. Check in the right hand column under the tab “Certificates” to make sure both are listed. If not, please go back and make sure the last module was watched to the end.


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