Suggested Individual Workouts


Jumping jacks 1×50
High knees  1×30 sec
Butt kicks 1×30 sec
Squats 1×30
Jump squats 3×10
Single leg jump split squats 3×5 (each leg)
Bulgarian squats 3×6
(Each leg)
Broad jumps 3×5
Calf jumps 3×20
Weighted Lunges plus squat
2 trips /up and back is one trip

Upper body

Pushups 3×10
Incline push ups 3×6
Decline push ups 3×5
Back arm dips 3×10
Straight arm plank 2×30 sec
Slow shoulder taps 2×30
Reverse snow angels 2×30 sec
Seal push ups 2×20
Superman 2×20
Straight arm plank/slow arms and leg raises 2×30 sec

Cure/foot speed

Bicycles 3×20 sec
Leg raises 3×20 sec
Flutter kicks 3×20 sec
Scissors kicks 3×20 sec
Elbow/knee crunches plus 6 inches leg lift 3×20 sec
Elbow plank 2×45 sec
Mountain climbers 3×20 sec
Wall run  4×10 sec (fast as you can)
Foot fire  4x 10 sec
Side shuffle without crossing feet
Two to left two to right
Arms in front straight out
Squatted position, with shoulder forward and chest up.
3×20 sec

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